An insurance is not automatically activated. What will you have to do? Can you get yourself to safety to make the distress call?
This course curriculum is the result of decades of applied specialist security experience in hostile and challenging environments. Spring 2017, the course was held in cooperation with Vagabond, the biggest travel magazine in Sweden.

The course will both prepare you for a safe adventure into the unknown and better qualify you for international volunteer programmes. Modules include risk mitigation, mental training; and practical skills such as First Aid, packing for redundancy, knowledge of threats, street smartness and fire safety.

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It will happen again. A freelance journalist will be forced out of his/her vehicle and held captive. Others will be caught in a stampede of angry masses, bleed to death after a grenade attack, still some will be interrogated and imprisoned due to oppositional writing, for interviewing members of terrorist labelled organisations.

This is a unique course for and by journalists on best practices, skills training how to minimize risk and handle incidents in the field. The curriculum is jointly developed by Metis Services and Blank Spot Project with funding from Union of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders.
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A threat cannot be properly identified or monitored without adequate situational awareness and understanding. Indeed, without situational awareness, the defensive initiative and opportunity to avoid a threat entireley is lost; leaving only mitigation through physical security or emergency responses.

The ICAM training course fills identified security training gaps with a focus on practical field proven approaches essential for threat avoidance and enhanced mitigation across the spectrum of low to high threat international field environments. Training areas identified as key to achieving enhanced situational awareness include: Digital and Human Information Collection; Human Network Creation; Formal and Informal Liaison; Open Source Exploitation; Analysis; and Information Management and Security.

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With intelligence

Enabling qualified judgements

Metis Services offers the difference between a qualified judgement and a guess.
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Enabling safe journeys and meetings

With the know-how and confidence to conduct safe journeys and meetings, our clients have the ability to effectively focus on their client and the task at hand.
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Enabling integrity

Metis Services provide intelligence-driven strategies to protect our clients’ material and immaterial assets against corruption and the insider threat.
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Enabling access

Based on our intelligence-driven strategies for active awareness and building local support, Metis Services offer assistance during the planning as well as implementation phases of a project.
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Enabling crisis management

Metis Services give you resilience and assistance should the unwanted or unexpected occur.
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*In Greek mythology Metis was the advisor of the other gods, famous for her wisdom and cunning. Metis Services provide intelligence-driven strategies, enabling security solutions and capacity building programmes to the business community, media, NGOs and Governmental Agencies.


The founders of Metis Services have decades of field experience from service with the armed forces, law enforcement, humanitarian operations and business management. We want to give small and large, independent and state actors, more and varied options when contemplating a safety and security set-up.

Poacher turned gamekeeper

With our background, we know what constitutes vulnerabilities and what an adversary is looking for in order to make exploits – and thus how to avoid them. We apply a reversed or opponent’s perspective and use local expertise to test the viability of operational arrangements and fine-tuning to avoid liabilities.

Our experts

Many of our experts are distinguished members of the diaspora community in Sweden. Together we work for integration, trust-building and creating opportunities.

Enabling by understanding

Our focus is to enable, the security arrangement in itself is subservient. For us it starts with understanding; of your operational environment, your strengths and shortcomings and those of the counterpart. We believe that based on understanding, you as our customer are in a better situation to mitigate risk and operate independently. Enabling by understanding is an approach as well as a motto that translates into practices.

A concept for ethics

Metis Services is sprung out of a vision to develop and deliver intelligence-driven strategies for clients who do not benefit from or are otherwise unable or unwilling to utilise traditional security arrangements. Our methods and strategies are an extension of traditional security-thinking, in part building on many years of service in the police and armed forces and strongly influenced by the survival skills of our local experts, the NGO-sector and missionary work.

A concept for ethics is omnipresent in our consultancy. It is our belief that the capacity to employ a structured approach to ethical considerations make your organisation more effective and ready to promote and defend decisions.