Enabling access with intelligence

Based on our intelligence-driven strategies for active awareness and building local support, Metis Services offer assistance during the planning as well as implementation phases of a project.


We create networks of contacts, alliances and facilitators to provide local support structures needed when establishing your business in a new arena.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our experts in CSR and anti-corruption can help your organisation develop CSR-programmes with local anchorage and improved structures for follow-up and deliverance. We help build the programmes and provide training to local stake holders as well as staff and management.


Compliance, codes of conduct and standards for environmental protection or anti-corruption, are key to secure the implementation of your projects and to protect from reputational damage. We provide insurance mechanisms for secure implementation through qualified tracking and follow-up of compliances. Our methods are based on deep knowledge of local structures, handling of open source material as well as undisclosed information.