Enabling crisis management with intelligence

Metis Services give you resilience and assistance should the unwanted or unexpected occur.

Our staff is experienced in the art of incident management and contingency planning. We offer an array of support both during and after security related incidents. Should there be an IT-related aspect, we work together with IT-security experts skilled in forensics, support in legal investigations and retrieving or preventing further data losses.


Back Office Operations Safety Training is a concept designed by Metis Services. We provide seminars and tailor-made training to make your organization more robust. BOOST is aimed at making staff who are most likely to be the First Responders better equipped to mitigate risk and successfully manage contact with hostage-taker, similar aggressor or person in crisis-situation. The course enables management to make informed decisions by using Operational Pictures and Consequence Analysis regarding an imminent or ongoing crisis. Also covered in the course are strategies for cooperation and exchange of information with law enforcement, relations with media; internal communication and debrief of your affected personnel. We offer models for how to design and operate your organisation’s back-office functions that are needed for security management and during crisis.

Incident management

Drawing on our networks and expertise from law enforcement and security services, we have designed discreet and effective ways to investigate incidents and develop tactical as well as strategic countermeasures. We provide assistance securing evidence and facilitating a legal process.