Enabling integrity with intelligence

Metis Services provide intelligence-driven strategies to protect our clients’ material and immaterial assets against corruption and the insider threat.

Effective and well-dimensioned security mechanisms covering physical protection systems, information management and employee policies are cornerstones to protecting your material and immaterial assets.

The insider threat

Metis Services have combined expertise from law enforcement and security services together with the latest academic research of corruption to develop a methodology for vulnerability analysis regarding infiltration, corruption and fraud. With our background we know what constitutes vulnerabilities and what an adversary is looking for to make exploits, enabling the development of counter measures using the poacher turned gamekeeper perspective. There are many similarities between the dynamics that cause internal corruption in an organisation and the ones exploited during industrial espionage or to breach security in preparation of carrying out an attack on journalists or aid workers. We specialise in preventing and managing internal corruption but also hostile infiltration and industrial espionage regardless of whether the threat emanates from competing companies, foreign intelligence or organised crime.


Metis Services fields in-house experts to provide seminars to both top-level management and staff on the subjects of infiltration and the dynamics of corruption.


We work with partners specialised and constantly updated in the field of digital security that can offer tailor-made arrangements. Our partners provide cutting-edge systems and equipment for reliable and secure communication and storage of information.


We provide practical training that builds on the seminar work to provide further understanding of corruption and infiltration – and how to protect and counter these processes.

Vulnerability studies

We investigate and analyse your organisation’s resilience against infiltration and corruption. The study can be adapted to look at a particular department, venture or your company as a whole. According to need, the study may be conducted as an oversight or practical tests. The findings are incorporated in the development of risk mitigation and counter-corruption strategies.

Data security

Unless a holistic approach is employed, security arrangements becomes vulnerable – awareness training, a strategy and technology for secure transfer and storage of information are vital components to any information security strategy. Single measures may entail a false sense of security.