Enabling qualified judgements with intelligence

Metis Services offers the difference between a qualified judgement and a guess.

Instead of guessing we give your organisation fact-finding, polling and perspectives from stakeholders in the affected market or in the milieu of concern. The information we provide is produced to give your company the initiative; the benefit of seeing different responses to a new strategy, the time to establish proactive rather than reactive measures and the ability to make a judgement based on a cost-benefit calculation. Our methods allow full discretion of our clients. We offer guidance and recommendations to enable conscious and strategic decisions regarding the ethics of a chosen method.

Setting the scene

A survey of factors and guidance to the history, politics and social codes that affect commercial and operational decisions. We offer risk and opportunity assessments and consultancy covering the initial stages of feasibility studies, project planning and negotiations.

In-depth survey

We obtain risk and opportunity assessments specific for your organisation and project. The in-depth survey identifies predicaments and offers advanced analysis representing an inside view from a multitude of local perspectives. The findings complement open source information.

In the opponent’s shoes

The inside view from the opponent’s perspective offers unique information regarding hazards and risk mitigation, as well as may open previously closed business venues. The product can answer how a group in for example Somalia understands your company or organisation’s future engagement in the region, your brand, partners and competition.