Enabling safe journeys and meetings with intelligence.

With the know-how and confidence to conduct safe journeys and meetings, our clients have the ability to effectively focus on their client and the task at hand.

Metis Services provide intelligence-driven strategies built on active awareness and understanding of different types of threats and attacks. Our services are designed to equip our customers with unobtrusive and effective methods to identify and mitigate security risks, implement strategies and handle incidents. We work together with renown IT-security companies and can offer state-of-the-art secure communication, tracking devices and information management.

A common theme in our training is the Active Awareness Approach, a methodology developed by the company founders after many years of experience traveling to high-risk areas without escort or armed protection.

Safe Meetings

This course is designed to enhance your ability to hold safe meetings and minimize distractions related to security concerns – for you and the partner you meet with. We offer guidance and practical training in how to arrange meetings, handle sensitive information and maintain discretion regardless of whether the threat comes from competitors, intelligence services or organized crime.

General Travel Safety

Security awareness for the business traveller, journalist, aid worker or civil servant who may be required to handle risk. The course covers risk mitigation, health hazards, first aid, travel safety and meeting arrangements as well as handling of information. The course is tutor-led, involves practical training and may be adapted to your specific requirements. Metis Services can also prepare you and your organisation for travel to high risk destinations. The extended training encompasses risk mitigation strategies, mental preparedness, first aid field training, transportation, communication and incident management.

Metis Services advocate a holistic approach to travel safety. We therefore recommend our customers to include the back office staff when preparing your organisation for a deployment or shorter travels. Refer to our concept BOOST, Back Office Operations Safety Training.