Metis Services

We are sprung out of a vision to develop and deliver intelligence-driven strategies for clients who do not benefit from or are otherwise unable or unwilling to utilise traditional security arrangements. Our methods and strategies are an extension of traditional security-thinking, in part building on many years of service in the police and armed forces and strongly influenced by the survival skills of our local experts, the NGO-sector and humanitarian work.

Develop - Implement - Mentor

Metis Services develop, implement and mentor intelligence-led solutions.

Intelligence is the means to reach further, achieve more by greater understanding, smarter thinking and better planning. Our approach to security is that it is an enabler. Security through understanding is the creation of true understanding before acting - solving today’s complex security challenges through analytical depth, strategic height and global reach.

More about us and our projects

More about us and our projects


The creative
security agency

Metis Services map the operational context and provide bespoke projects for intelligence-led solutions

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Metis Services tailor courses in security and provide trainings around the globe

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