Metis Services tailors courses in security and provide trainings around the globe.

Skills training. Learn the tricks of the trade and discover what lies behind successful missions, what is required to work in challenging environments and how to survive. Learn from the experienced humanitarian aid worker, diplomat and operator from special forces, police and intelligence agencies.  


IHEAT - Information focused hostile environment awareness training

Information sharing and cooperation is at the heart of all multifunctional missions. Exclusive, reliable, timely and actionable information is the rare commodity everyone looks for. It can only be arrived at after dedicated effort and understanding of your counterparts; their levers, needs and value of your information 

Info HEAT training is a state of the art curriculum specifically developed to give insights, instruments and mentored practical training to improve how to protect yourself, your information and your contacts. Learn how to plan and act in hostile environments, how to safeguard your sources and intellectual capital but most importantly, how to avoid ending up in those situations in the first place.


Come Back Alive

It will happen again. A freelance journalist will be forced out of his/her vehicle and held captive. Others will be caught in a stampede of angry masses, bleed to death after a grenade attack, still some will be interrogated and imprisoned due to oppositional writing, for interviewing members of terrorist labelled organisations.

CBA is a unique course for and by journalists on best practices, skills training how to minimize risk and handle incidents in the field. The curriculum is jointly developed by Metis Services and Blank Spot with funding from the Swedish Union of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders.


Travel security - Who will help you? 

Assistance, a rescue party or an insurance is not automatically activated. What will you have to do first? Can you get yourself to safety to make the distress call? 

Originally devloped as a 1-day course of basic but essential safety and securitity training to outfit young travellers with awareness, skills and checklists, the course curriculum is the result of decades of applied specialist security experience in hostile and challenging environments. In spring 2017, the course was launched in cooperation with Vagabond, the biggest travel magazine in Sweden. The course is now available for all travellers. 


Medical trainings

Learn how to take care of yourself. Acquire necessary skills to handle a medical trauma if you become First Responder. Focus lies on hands-on training and utilisation of standard medical equipment in realistic practise scenarios. Understanding of mechanisms and tactical applications is knowledge that in the field can save lives or a limb.

Medical trainings are available as Basic (4 hours), Intermediate (8 hours) and Advanced (16 hours). All courses follows NAEMT's Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) curricula, which is recognized around the world as the leading continuing education program for prehospital emergency trauma care. 


Crisis & Risk Management

Learn how to handling the process of dealing with disruptive and unexpected events that threatens to harm you or your organisation. 

In this course, participants will learn not only how to assess potential threats and finding the best ways to avoid them, but how to deal with threats before, during, and after they have occurred. Participants will learn skills and techniques required to identify, assess, understand, and cope with a serious situation, especially from the moment it first occurs to the point that recovery procedures start.

Information collection, analysis and management

A threat cannot be properly identified or monitored without adequate situational awareness and understanding. Indeed, without situational awareness, the defensive initiative and opportunity to avoid a threat entireley is lost; leaving only mitigation through physical security or emergency responses.

ICAM training fills identified security training gaps. Learn from practical field-proven approaches essential for threat avoidance and enhanced mitigation across the spectrum of low to high threat international field environments. Training areas identified as key to achieving enhanced situational awareness include: Digital and Human Information Collection; Human Network Creation; Formal and Informal Liaison; Open Source Exploitation; Analysis; and Information Management and Security.


IThaCA - Insider Threat and Corruption Awareness

Knowing what constitutes vulnerabilities and what an adversary is looking for to make exploits, enables the development of counter measures using the poacher turned gamekeeper perspective.

Ithaca is a bespoke training concept aimed at developing the resilience of any organisation facing threats from external surveillance, corruption, illicit influence and hostile penetration. The training programme is built on an initial strength and vulnerability analysis of the organisation's specific conditions (diagnosis), raising awarenesss within the organisations about these specific threats (education) and enabling the organisation to detect, react and defend against internal threat (strategy). 


Communication skills

It is not just what is said but how. How well-inclined your listener or recipient of information is to continue with the interaction may depend on what feelings you convey. A conversation can be planned. Communication skills can be taught and improved by training , what to say and how to listen.  

This skills training is for professionals who frequently interact with others. The training focuses on practical tools for planning and managing a conversation; controlling the tone, the direction it is taking and its content. 


Security Awareness Training

Whether you are travelling to Copenhagen, Bogota or Kinshasa, there are always elements of threats that potentially could strike you when you least expect them to. 

Be aware of your surroundings, learn how to take care of yourself and reducing the threat and mitigating the risks as a professional in our tailored Security Awareness Training.