Application deadline for the Metis Academy courses is normally set to six weeks prior to course start. Only in exceptional cases will late applications be accepted.

Applications for courses should be made through the web form found in section Application. Together with the web form, it is necessary to read, print, sign and resend the Participation Survey. The survey must be sent to Only when Metis Academy has received a complete application with a signed Participation Survey and the course fee has been paid in full, will an applicant be admitted, unless otherwise informed by Metis Academy.

Participants who are admitted to a course will receive an invitation letter and must thereafter confirm their participation according to the instructions in the received admissions decision. A confirmation of participation is binding.

The participant must confirm his or her participation no later than five weeks before the course start, otherwise the seat will be offered to other applicants.

The course fee must be paid in full through bank transfer to the following account:

Beneficiary - Metis Services AB


IBAN - SE86 6000 0000 0000 8994 2922  

Bank Office


Box 236

SE-732 24 Arboga, Sweden


Use PayPal for easier transactions by following this link

When paying the fee, please indicate whom the payment is from. Once the course fee has been received as per section Admission above, you will receive a confirmation letter. Please note that you will have to cover any bank transfer fees yourself.


It is the responsibility of every international participant to make sure they have a valid passport and visa before attending Metis Academy’s courses.

Please identify if you are required to apply for a visa prior to your visit to Sweden. Relevant information can be found here 

Metis Academy is not able to support any applicants with invitation letters unless the course fee has been paid in full before the end of the application deadline.



Participants who are unable to attend a course should contact Metis Academy immediately. Cancellations may result in the entire course fee being charged if the participant cannot be replaced by another applicant. 

In case of late cancellation we will take into consideration: 

  • Personal illness (medical certificate required

  • Other special circumstances (refusal of a visa application, death or illness in the family, etc.) 

  • We will also take into consideration when the admission to the course was made. 

Metis Academy reserves the right to cancel courses due to circumstances beyond our control. Admitted participants will be notified as soon as possible and paid course fees refunded.

Rejection/ dismissal

Metis Services reserves the right to reject, deny or dismiss anyone from our courses should the participant violate our Participant’ s Code of Conduct or if information should come to our knowledge that the participant and/or its organisation/company/authority has deceived, withheld or lied about any information outlined in our Participation Survey.

When you are applying for any of Metis Academy’s trainings and courses, you confirm that:

  1. You are free of any physical, mental or emotional disability and physically fit in every way to be able to participate in the training.

  2. Your participation is voluntary and you fully accept responsibility for any risks of physical injury and/or mental impact as a condition of participation.

  3. You understand and accept that Metis Services do not accept any liability of any sort for bodily injury, illness or death sustained to you or loss or damage to any of your possessions or goods whatsoever and howsoever their loss or damage is caused during the extent of the course/training.