Think before you act, is easier said than done. Often said in hindsight.

We deliver solutions based on understanding and empathy. Regarding risk, we consider the reasons and rationale of the counterpart. What alternatives exist or need be created for the parties to experience the situation differently? Is it possible to avoid perceived injustice and conflict? How is it successfully done in the field?

Implementing intelligence

Instead of guessing, we give your organisation fact-finding, polling and perspectives from stakeholders in the affected market or in the milieu of concern. The information advantage we help you achieve gives your organisation the initiative; the benefit of seeing different responses to a new strategy, the time to establish proactive rather than reactive measures and the ability to make a judgement based on a cost-benefit calculation.

Our projects

The common denominator in our projects is intelligence - implementing the know-how, the organisational structure, the training and mentorship that signifies a culture and an organisation that is knowledge-based and intelligence-led.


public security - Integration and Inclusion

In a small residential area in the municipality of Köping, caught in a downward spiral of distrust against authorities, an increase in vandalism and signs of dejection from the public sector, the trend was successfully slowed down and reverted in 18 months due to a Metis developed programme named Thinking with people (click for PDF in Swedish).

The cornerstone of this project is to grasp the opponents´perspective. This intelligence can be found in the often large but neglected population; those who navigate between stepping outside the law, creating parallel structures and extremism and - on the other hand, efforts from society to uphold public law and order. Where does that line go? By truly understanding those who are caught in-between, those who can and will be swayed and winning their hearts and minds, there lies opportunities to change the landscape.

Throughout 2018 Metis has implemented a model and a method to achieve a better and mutual understanding between actors within a municipality. Segments of the population that were previously disenfranchised are now taken on board and an acknowledged resource pool to locally anchor projects, mediate in conflict and employment. The keys to integration and inclusion are found in the people living and working in the neighbourhoods. Click here to read more about the project (in Swedish).



Reporters Without Borders have commissioned Metis to perform a learning experience where the participant is exposed to a simulated interrogation. The events take place at annual Human Rights and Book fairs and are open to the public as well as geared to policy makers. We are also currently working with a contemporary theatre production from Malmö Theatre Academy to visualise and give the experience of captivity and harsh interrogation.



Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

”During spring 2018, Metis Services Inc. have on behalf of SCA evaluated our security organisation, routines and trainings. Based on the analysis made, Metis Services have developed solutions and presented both recommendations and action plan for SAK in order to maintain and upgrade our ability to perform development projects in one of the most dangerous environments in the world.

The advisors from Metis Services have extensive knowledge and a very good ability to produce tailored solutions, based on mapping and analysing the operational context, as well as the abilities of the recipient. The advisors from Metis Services worked as security advisors in Kabul during periods of time and gave on-site trainings and exemplified what a strengthened organization could look like.  The advisors of Metis Services demonstrated high and wide technical competence, but also impressed by sharing their knowledge through ‘soft’ communication and through a well-founded and well written report, delivered ahead of scheduled dead line. Incoming security staff members have evaluated the delivered report from Metis Services and have confirmed, through their own expertise, its analysis, conclusions and recommendations, something that further strengthens our judgement that the advisors from Metis Services have relevant competence and experience well on par with the managements needs on both strategic and operative level.”

– Malena Rembe, SCA Country Director Afghanistan


Reporters Without Borders

”Metis Services Inc. has been tasked by RWB to develop and execute security trainings for journalist students and active freelance journalists. The trainings have included both methodology for prevention and mitigation of risks and handling incidents which might occur whilst covering news in high-risk environments, e.g. interrogation, informal conversations, first aid in the field and surviving hostage situations. The instructors of Metis Services have immense knowledge and very good ability to not only conduct lectures but to give realistic exercises. Reporters Without Borders are very satisfied with our cooperation with Metis Services and sincerely look forward to planning new activities together as soon as new opportunities and needs arise.”

– Jonathan Lundqvist, Chairman of Reportrar utan gränser


Stockholm University, Department of Media Studies

"I have been working together with Metis Services for three years, in terms of security training within the framework of my courses for foreign correspondence at basic- and master level, having plenty of good experiences from it. They have substantial experiences and theoretical knowledge in security and risk analysis, including an ability to lecture and give valuable and engaging topic-related workshops. Without their work here at JMK, I really would not have dared to send out young journalism students for missions in countries such as Lebanon, Burma, Colombia and Russian-occupied Ukraine.

— Jesper Huor, course coordinating teacher at the Department of Media Studies, journalist and writer

What We've delivered

  • Intelligence training for government agencies

  • Public safety and security - enhancing integration in the municipality of Köping

  • Lectures on Countering Violent Extremism for municipalities

  • Yearly training for Journalisthögskolan

  • Tailor-made products for NGOs and private companies

  • Travel security training for Vagabond Magazine

  • Security consultancy, BBC News Night

  • Security consultancy, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan


Swedish Economic Crime Authority

Swedish National Police – Regional Intelligence Unit

Köping Bostads AB – Innanförskapslinjen

Folke Bernadotte Academy – Training department

Olof Palme International Center – International Section

Civil Rights Defenders – Defenders at Risk Department